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    YBR Publishing, LLC


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    YBR Publishing, LLC is a services publisher in the South Carolina Lowcountry helping new and current authors bring their books to print. YBR Publishing, LLC is owned and staffed by published authors, columnists, and public affairs specialists who embrace the ideals of independent publishing. We accept talented authors who have wonderful stories to share, but are intimidated by the pitfalls and challenges of self-publishing. Our published authors become part of the YBR family. YBR Publishing was created after eight years of learning, conquering, and surviving the challenges of self-publishing under the J&C Wordsmiths label. We understand what a publisher can do. We offer a basic arrangement to writers, poets and artists who want to get their books edited and published without having to go through the one to two year-plus waiting time of larger companies. There are no exclusive-rights contracts, and the authors keep all copyrights to their work. We're here to help get stories into print.
    We offer multi-level editing, design, production, publishing and limited marketing packages. As members of the Independent Book Publishers Association we embrace their highest industry standards for Professionally Published books Custom agreements are created with our clients on a case-by-case basis.
    Contact us to learn about our manuscript submission policies. There is never a fee for reviewing a new manuscript!


    I Walked In Santa's Boots
    Tears of Destiny
    The Latrodectus Murders
    O.Z. Diggs Himself Ouot
    Swing, Hard Bop, Bop & Bebop
    Driftwood Unmasked
    Ziggy Zig-Zags the Light and Dark Fantastic, Volume 1
    Where in the World is The Canal Zone
    The Task Force That Saved Christmas
    The Things Left Unsaid
    The Choices We Make
    The Chances We Take
    Labour of Love
    The Adventures of Harriet the Sausage Dog
    Goldey Goosey of Oz
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