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  • Auditor Improves 2017 Tax Notices

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    November 13, 2017



    Auditor Improves 2017 Tax Notices. Over the last two years, the Auditor’s office has improved the taxation process by actively managing tax information for over 300,000 active tax records. These improvements have helped the county achieve the highest collection rate ever of over 97% as reported for tax year 2016. After years of being ignored, a number of issues with the county’s programming system many that have existed since 2009 have been identified and are being addressed by the Auditor. We are continually working to improve both the taxation process and the transparency of that process. While our office has made vast improvements in the process and software over the past two years, we still have a long way to go to fix all the issues. If you become aware of an issue, please let us know and we will have it addressed.

    As new work processes are put in place so that the taxation process is more equitable for taxpayers. One of many ways that the process has improved is by updating the programming for vehicle taxation. After this update, the system is now valuing vehicles at the lowest trim level based on DOR when appropriate. This change will save impacted taxpayers county wide some money off their tax bill. The savings to taxpayers county wide for the fiscal year will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our priority is to serve as the citizens’ advocate for transparency in the taxation process one tax bill at a time.

    Taxpayers can contact the Auditor by calling (843) 255-2500 or email at auditor@bcgov.net. Please follow us on Twitter @BeaufortAuditor and Facebook at Facebook.com/BeaufortCountyAuditor for the most current tax information available.

    Jim Beckert, Beaufort County Auditor