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  • The Alligator Business Solution Book Release

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    March 24, 2017

    The Alligator Business Solution – Small Business Competitive Advantage to be Released March 28th


    Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

    Roy Austin’s book, The Alligator Business Solution – Small Business Competitive Advantage will be released on March 28, 2017.  It is a user manual for small businesses. Reviews, a sneak peek, table of contents and other content about the book can be found at Author H. Roy Austin’s website is http://www.rockwellbusinesssolutions.com. Here is a description of the book:

    What could alligators possibly have to do with business? You want long term sustainable success, right? Alligators have survived for 150 million years by adapting and learning basic skills and strategies for success, just as you should.  They have patience and single minded focus and a simple strategy for success: lurk, lunge, and chomp. What is an alligator doing when lurking?  Preparing to lunge.  Similarly, you need to prepare your business for success, so that when opportunities arise you can lunge to take advantage of them.  You need to Prepare (lurk), so you can Act (lunge), and Succeed (chomp). 

    Small business owners know how to do the work. That is why they started the business.  But what about running the business?  Running a business requires a different skill set plus knowledge of all the functions of your business. The biggest problem areas for small business are accounting, employees (recruiting, managing, and retaining), and marketing. The Alligator Business Solution will introduce the basics to manage key functions of your business.

    Sadly, most businesses fail in the first year, and a majority don’t survive five years.  How can you avoid becoming a statistic? A competitive advantage evolves from making better decisions, which require knowledge, skills, and tools encompassing all functions of your business. Also, you must build a solid foundation against which to measure those decisions. The Alligator Business Solution aligns all your business functions to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable success.

    The Alligator Business Solution is both a business philosophy and an attitude. Being in business is comparable to building a house. This book is the small business owner’s blueprint for building your “business house” on a solid foundation in the “business swamp.” 

    The Alligator Business Solution is dedicated to helping small businesses gain a competitive advantage. You will learn how to establish a solid foundation, gain an understanding of your most important business functions, and align decisions and business functions with that foundation. Various tools and assignments will aid the journey toward your long-term vision.  

    This book is for, and about, small businesses. Eighteen successful small businesses were interviewed, and you will benefit from their inspiring experiences in the business swamp. Contrasting tragic failures are referenced to assist in avoiding quicksand in the swamp, and throughout there are humorous tales to lighten your journey. The concepts and tools are applicable to organizations of all sizes and types (businesses, non-profits, civic clubs, churches, etc.)