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  • Fusion Fit Team Member - Coach/instructors for Small Group Training, Adult Gymnastics, Paddle Fused Fitness classes and stand up paddle boarding tours

    Posted: 02/08/2022

    Job Listing, Complete



    Fusion Fit is looking for fun, friendly, and enthusiastic team members to work for us...


    Are you interested in a fun, fit, and rewarding side gig, or opportunity to grow with us?  Do you have experience in gymnastics, personal training or weight lifting, stand up paddle boarding, or are you familiar and knowledgable on the May River, Lowcountry Waterways?


    If so, we would love to have you join our team!


    Fusion Fit is looking to hire coaches, trainers and instructors for Adult Gymnastics, Small Group Training, stand up paddle board tours, and Paddle Fused Fitness classes this year!


    Whether you’re just looking for a small part-time gig that’s fun and rewarding, or the ability to manage, grow and expand with the Fusion Fit Brand and business there are opportunities with us now available for you!


    No prior experience required.  Hires will need to demonstrate understanding, knowledge, and ability to run/manage classes/sessions, and go through our certification course (as per program being hired for).


    The following is further information on what we are looking for, position responsibilities, background and experience, and Fusion Fit’s mission, vision, and values…


    What we're looking for:

    * Fun personality

    * Background and experience

    * Unique strengths and knowledge

    * Willing, eager and interested in ongoing learning and growth

    * Ability to take constructive criticism and feedback

    * Marketing and promoting to help the business and programs continue to grow and expand - interact with prospects and current members, attend public social, networking events and meetings

    * Part time hours, Manager or Assistant manager roles


    Fusion Fit Team Member Positions Available for Hire:

    * Job title will be a “Fusion Fit Team Member,” for given program/service individual will be teaching (i.e. Group Training, Adult Gymnastics, SUP instructor, Paddle Fused Fitness coach/instructor)

    * All hires will be Independent Contractors, any tax documents will be filed accordingly

    * Programs/services currently for hire:

        * Adult Gymnastics coach

        * Small Group Training/Personal Training

        * Paddle Fused Fitness classes

        * SUP tours, instruction, lessons

    * Hours available:

        * Part-time - under 10 hrs/week, hourly rate plus commissions

        * Sub/seasonal hours - varying hours based on season, service/program, group sizes, etc; hourly rate plus bonuses/commissions/tips

        * Manager or assistant-manager role - over 12 hours/week, hourly rate plus commissions


    Fusion Fit Team Member Responsibilities:

    * Run - teach, train, coach Fusion Fit sessions/classes as per what you are being hired for - either Small Group Training/Personal Training, Adult Gymnastics, Paddle Fused Fitness, SUP tours and instruction

    * Keep accurate attendance using Schedulicity App, checking members in accordingly, removing or noting members who do not attend but are booked for a given session you are teaching

    * Arrive prior to start time to set up for classes/sessions, and take down after classes/sessions

    * Correct and coach individual member’s on their exercise form and technique while in a group setting

    * Able to create workouts and customize/adjust exercises to individuals while in a group setting

    * Interact and provide support and accountability to members

    * Understands and reflects Fusion Fit’s mission, vision, values, priorities

    * Attend monthly/biweekly meetings

    * Accepts feedback, correction and constructive criticism

    * Attend business networking events and member group meetups

    * Promote and market Fusion Fit, our programs and services (particularly for manager/assistant-manager role)

    * Assist with management roles (for manager/assistant-manager role)


    Background and Experience:

    Must have one or more of the following:

    * Certified Personal Trainer certification or similar, must be valid, current, good standing, not lapsed (i.e. approved certifying bodies: NASM, ACE, NSCA, ACSM, AFAA…)

    * Degree in exercise or movement science, kinesiology, exercise physiology, or similar

    * Gymnastics (coaching) experience (applicable to Adult Gymnastics)

    * Knowledge of Lowcountry/Bluffton/May River Waterways (applicable to SUP and Paddle Fused Fitness)

    * Stand up paddle board (and/or surfing) experience (applicable to SUP and Paddle Fused Fitness)

    Also must:

    * Take appropriate Fusion Fit course (Adult Gymnastics, Paddle Fused Fitness), or go through Fusion Fit training (Small Group Training, SUP tours and lessons)

    * Carry individual liability insurance

    * Valid and current CPR/AED



    If you or someone you know is interested in joining us this year, please send us a message or email to Rachel at FusionFitGym@gmail.com to set up a meeting.  We look forward to having you join us!


    Rachel and the Fusion Fit Team

    New Group Name: Full Time,Part Time,Internship,Volunteer

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