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  • Bluffton Police Department - Media Release


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    July 27, 2023


    For more information:

    Detective (Cpl.) Angela Serrano

    Criminal Investigations Division

    Bluffton Police Department

    (Office): 843.706.4527

    (Cell):     843.540.5123

    (Email): aserrano@townofbluffton.com


    Bluffton Police Department (BPD) launches a program to reach unreported victims of domestic violence and is asking for help from local businesses 


    Bluffton Police Department’s domestic violence investigator, Detective Angela Serrano, is asking local businesses if they will allow her to place stickers in their bathrooms in efforts to reach potential victims of domestic violence. The sticker will have a QR (i.e., Quick Response) code which will lead the responder to a quick survey. This information-gathering technique will connect potential victims with Detective Serrano or BPD’s Victim Advocate Kate Cooler for resources and law-enforcement guidance.


    Detective Serrano developed this innovative system to open a line of communication with potential victims. The scan will result in a six-question survey and will prompt a response from BPD.

    The QR code survey leads to a form on the Town of Bluffton’s website. This survey also has Spanish translation. The survey is first step of opening the lines of communication. It does not automatically result in a police report.


    If you have a local business and are willing to have QR Code Stickers which read, “Stop Domestic Violence – Scan For Help” with a BPD logo on it, in your stalls, please contact Detective Angela Serrano at (aserrano@townofbluffton.com) or (cell): 843.540.5123.


    BPD is especially looking for businesses which attract a cross-section of the public such as grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and so forth. Detective Serrano will also be reaching out to major businesses, however, if a business is willing, they are encouraged to email or call her.


    The “Stop Domestic Violence – Scan For Help” QR Code Stickers are currently located at Town Hall (20 Bridge Street, Bluffton) and the public restroom in the main lobby of the Bluffton Police Department (101 Progressive Street) as well in the bathrooms of Oscar Frazier Park and Oyster Factory Park. 


    This program is a component of a $141,404 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice which was awarded to the Bluffton Police Department in October 2022. This grant funds a dedicated domestic violence detective and program which enables the BPD to focus on case closure and prosecution for domestic violence offenses and provide resources to victims.

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