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  • Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Newsletter: February 10, 2021

    What's Great in Greater Bluffton....
    Stay on top of what is happening around town!
    10 Reasons to Sponsor:
    1. Brand Visibility
    2. Lead Generation
    3. Business Relationships
    4. Increase Awareness
    5. Competitive Edge
    6. Marketing Content
    7. Positive Brand Image
    8. Affordable
    9. Meet Target Audience
    10. Return on Investment
    In business, there are two buckets - talent attraction and talent development. When you develop an apprentice, they stay with your business 3.2 years longer than the average person.
    Why is this important for your business? Apprenticeship SC will help you develop and execute a plan that makes talent development achievable for your apprentice. Not to mention, your business also receives financial benefits and tax credits for adopting this program.
    Are you ready for some networking and FUN?! Join the Bluffton Chamber Young Professionals (BCYP) at K1 Speed - Bluffton for an evening of networking, appetizers, beverages and fun.
    The first 30 attendees who register online will get to race for free, but you MUST register using the button below.
    or contact us at: info@blufftonchamberofcommerce.org or 843-757-1010

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