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  • Ribbon Cutting Celebration Information and Request Form

    Congratulations! You must be celebrating the opening of a new business, an anniversary, or the expansion/relocation of an existing business in the Greater Bluffton Community. We are excited for your success and eager to celebrate this momentous occasion.

    What is a Chamber Ribbon Cutting:
    A Chamber Ribbon Cutting is a ceremonial opening of a brand new, newly renovated, or relocated business. The ceremony can inaugurate a business’s first day of business, or it can take place weeks after the business’s soft opening. The Chamber also considers requests for renovation, expansion, and major anniversary celebrations. The ribbon and large scissors are provided by the Chamber for each ceremony.

    How is a Ribbon Cutting facilitated:
    The Chamber Staff arrives to the specified location no less than 15 minutes prior to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to meet the business owner and who will be speaking on behalf of the business. The Chamber staff or volunteers will gather all attendees to ensure that the event begins promptly at the specified time. The Chamber will welcome attendees, introduce the person speaking on behalf of the business, and give you the opportunity to speak prior to cutting the ribbon. While the Ceremony is taking place, another Chamber staff or volunteer will take photos, which will be shared following the event.

    What are the benefits of holding a Chamber Ribbon Cutting:
    Ribbon Cutting’s mark a significant moment in the business’s history. Through the Chamber’s promotion, this is a great way to help build your business’s credibility, creates marketing content through ceremony photos, and increases your network with fellow business owners, Chamber Ambassadors, and community individuals. If not specified by the business, those included in the photo may include family and friends of the business owner, employees, financial supporters, Chamber Ambassadors, Chamber Staff, and those who came to show support of the business.

    The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony gives the business owner or manager a chance to say a few words to those gathered and take the opportunity to share what their business does.

    What should you consider about your Ribbon Cutting:
    WHEN will you hold your event? The Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce schedules only one Ribbon Cutting a week during business hours. We find that Tuesday – Thursday, mid-morning, midday over the lunch hour, or late afternoon work best. All dates and times must be submitted and approved by the Chamber.

    WHERE should the Ribbon Cutting be held? It is ideal to hold the Ribbon Cutting at the business being celebrated; however, if you do not have a storefront, other options can be explored. The most common location for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is at the entrance of the business, but it can also include other important locations within the business.

    HOW you can maximize this opportunity. Consider sending a special invitation to your clients, offering a drawing or raffle to obtain business cards to expand your network.

    WHO will cut the ribbon? The owners or top executives most frequently do the honors, but each organization is different and can select whomever they like.

    WHAT you wish to share when you speak. You may want to thank those who helped in the process, how you came about owning/renovating/relocating, and share any specials or upcoming events. Please limit your speech to 3 – 5 minutes, or one page of notes.

    The typical Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will last only 15 – 30 minutes.
    Refreshments, drinks, door prizes, and decorations are optional and provided at your discretion. Keep in mind, however, that a Ribbon Cutting is typically short and sweet.

    Who can host a Ribbon Cutting:
    To host a Ribbon Cutting, you must be a new or current Chamber member in good standing for the Chamber to endorse and help coordinate your Ribbon Cutting. The service is also available to non-members for a fee. As a benefit of Chamber Membership, the Chamber provides the Tier One Package, which is listed below, to all active Chamber Members; however, the Tier Two package may be purchased for increased exposure.

    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Packages and Add-On’s:

    Tier One: Free Benefit to Chamber Members ($200 for Non-Members)
    • Ribbon and Scissors
    • 3 – 5 Minute Speaking Opportunity
    • Chamber Staff and Ambassadors in attendance
    • Ribbon Cutting Event Promotion (Event Calendar on the Chamber Website and Social Media)
    • Event featured in the weekly Chamber Newsletter
    • Pictures taken during the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    • Ceremony Photos shared on social Media

    Tier Two: $100 for Chamber Members and $350 for Non-Members
    • Includes Tier One
    • Social Media event is boosted to gain more exposure
    • The Ceremony is recorded via Facebook Live
    • YOUR provided Press Release sent to media partners

    Ribbon Cutting Request Form:
    • Please submit this request 4 weeks prior to requested date of the Ribbon Cutting.
    • The Chamber schedules only one Ribbon Cutting a week.
    • Upon receiving this request and payment (if a Non-Member or selecting tier two), the Chamber staff will reach out to confirm the date. Requests will be approved in the order in which they were received.
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