• Our mission is to be the "voice" of local businesses and to provide valuable resources and opportunities. 

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  • The Bluffton Chamber Young Professionals (BCYP) program exists to develop strong local leaders who enhance the community by helping them strengthen necessary personal and professional skill-sets. We engage area young professionals with the broader business community in order to help them establish a local professional network and equip them to give back to the community.  This networking group meets monthly to learn from an expert on a major topic of leadership and professionalism. 


    To become a BCYP member you must:

    • Be listed as representative of a current member of the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce or
    • Purchase a BCYP membership as an individual.


    Benefits for Young Professionals

    BCYP members will have the opportunity to grow as professionals by building relationships with their peers, learning from seasoned professionals, and distinguishing themselves as tomorrows business leaders.  As a Bluffton Chamber Young Professional you will:

    • Meet other Young Professionals.
    • Learn from and interact with local business leaders.
    • Develop Leadership and Communication skills.
    • Be Listed on the Chambers website.
    • Receive Chamber Communications about other networking and development opportunities.
    • Have the ability to Attend other Chamber Events.
    • Be Eligible for Recognition via "Young Professional of the Year".


    How to Become a Bluffton Chamber Young Professional

    Becoming a member of BCYP is easy!  All you need to do is sign up online or just come to the next monthly Meet-up.  The dates of the BCYP Meet-ups are published on the Chamber's event calendar and on BCYP's Facebook page.  We hope to see you at the next event!



    Current BCYP Members

  • The mission of the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program is to promote member commitment and retention by raising awareness of Chamber activities and benefits, informing and involving new Chamber members, encouraging meaningful and beneficial participation in the Chamber's programs and serving as a liaison between the Chamber staff and membership.  The Ambassador program is a vital component to the success of the Chamber.


    In order to serve as a Chamber Ambassador you must:

    • Be a current member of the Greater Bluffton Chamber,
    • Commit to serve for a period of at least one year,
    • Participate in a minimum of two activities per month.


    Benefits for Ambassadors

    The Ambassador Program is also designed to benefit not only the Chamber but also our Ambassadors.  Through the execution of their commitments to the program, Ambassadors will simultaneosuly providing themselves with opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  Just a few of the benefits reaped by our Ambassadors are:

    • Increased name and face recognition.
    • Ability to connect one-on-one with new and existing Chamber members.
    • Gain an insider’s perspective of the local business community.
    • Opportunities to meet local business and community leaders.
    • Eligible for Recognition via “Ambassador of the Year”.
    • A 25% discount on Chamber Events and Sponsorships.


    How to Apply to Become a Chamber Ambassador

    The process to become an Ambassador starts with either contacting the Chamber via phone at (843) 757-1010, email (info@blufftonchamberofcommerce.org), or apply online.  The application process consists of an initial conversation about the program and then a formal in-person interview.  Contact us today!


    Current Ambassadors

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