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    Wholesale Payments is a full service payment processor. We can provide any solution merchants may require to accept bankcards including standard terminals, e-invoicing, virtual terminal, mobile acceptance, e-commerce, marketing solutions, cash discount processing, online ordering, point-of-sale, and lending services. Our mission is to ensure merchants are always getting the best cost structure from Visa/MC, whether it be retail, online, B2B, delivery, home services- whatever the nature of your business might be- we can provide the solutions to achieve that result. At the same time, we strive to make accepting payments easier by improving the efficiency of card acceptance through labor-saving applications, as well as more secure by removing any credit card information liability from the business. The solutions we provide are 100% Payment Card Industry compliant, and we take care of that aspect of the business for you. Whatever ways you may need to improve upon one of the most important parts of your business, getting paid, Wholesale Payments can help.

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