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    About Us

    Our Teacher Team is made up of experienced and passionate educators who are always eager to inspire and empower young minds to learn.

    Our various specializations and experiences with different grade levels help us work with students with different needs and abilities.

    We specialize in different subjects, areas, and how to teach them based on different learning styles. As a team, we have extensive experience working in different schools, grade levels, and multiple ability levels so we know how to best help students with different needs and learning styles.

    Our team may be small (for now), but we make sure every student receives the support, resources, instruction, and the confidence to reach their potential.

    Teaching in small groups or in a one to one atmosphere can help to propel a child’s confidence and educational skills to new heights. Our services include:

    Homework Help
    Tutoring Sessions
    Specialist Help
    One-on-one sessions
    Small group learning
    College Admissions Writing

    Rep/Contact Info

    Emily Termotto-Trott
    Owner and ELA Tutor
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