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  • 2022 - 2023 Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Community Guide & Business Directory 2022 - 2023 Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Community Guide & Business Directory




  • Member Directory and Community Guide

  • In an effort to provide value and opportunities to our membership​, the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce ​(GBCC) is happy to announce that we are partnering with Accurate Litho to produce the 2022 Membership Directory and Community Guide. 


    The incredible growth we are seeing in the Greater Bluffton Community brings many opportunities.  The newcomers to the area are looking to establish new lives for themselves which include building homes, starting businesses​, and forging relationships to replace those that they left behind.  The GBCC Directory and Community Guide provides you with the ability to connect those people and leverage your membership with the chamber to set yourself apart from your competitors.  The vision is to produce a resource for visitors and new residents to Bluffton to inform them about the community they are just visiting or relocating to, helping to familiarize them with the community and connecting them to the chamber members that can help them establish their new lives here in the ​Lowcountry.


  • What is it? What is it?

    The Directory and Community Guide will be produced in both physical and digital form.  The physical directory will be a 5.5” x 8.5” spiral bound book with each section tabbed for easy access.  Listings for every chamber member organized by their primary business category will be included in the directory section with the balance of the pages containing relevant information about Bluffton and the surrounding areas.  The digital version will be hosted on the GBCC website.

  • Who gets it? Who gets it?

    GBCC members will each receive one copy of the completed publication.  Additional copies will be produced and shared with new members, local hotels, visitors centers, etc.  The digital version will be shared with those who contact the chamber requesting information about the area. And because it will also be available on our website, it will be shared with the thousands of visitors to blufftonchamberofcommerce.org.

  • What are the Benefits? What are the Benefits?

    While chamber members will be listed in the directory by default, we encourage you to take advantage of the affordable, cost​-effective options to set your business apart by enhancing your listing and/or purchasing ad space.  By doing so you will reach more customers by being displayed more prominently and in more places than those who opt for the minimum.  Additionally, advertising in the GBCC Directory and Community Guide will allow you to get in front of a targeted audience who is needing to establish new relationships with local businesses.  The Membership Directory is an indispensable tool for all industry professionals. Don't miss out on an entire year's advertising and the opportunity to stand out from your competitors by advertising or enhancing your company's listing.

  • Advertising Opportunities! Advertising Opportunities!

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  • Interested? Interested?

    Accurate Litho will be managing and soliciting ads, as well as handling the printing and mailing  the completed directory.  If you have questions regarding the publication, please contact Accurate Litho by phone at (843) 757-2612 or by email at staff@accuratelitho.com.

    Don't want to wait to be contacted? No problem, just complete the form below to reserve space today!

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